I have a health anxiety disorder and OCD. When I eat sugar my heart rate rises into the 80's-90's range and today had a panic attack. BP 128/81.?

Anxiety and health. It is not uncommon for anxiety to cause health problems. Many people with Panic Disorder incorrectly believe they are having a heart attack. I am unsure if there is a correlation between sugar, heart rate and panic. If you have high BP you need to lower your stress and get BP medication. If your panic continues see a MH professional.

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I get HBP say 140/95 with panic attacks and anxiety heart rate in the 115 and up range at morning and bed it's 90/55 heart rate 50s is this bad?

Panick attacks. It all depends on how often these panic attacks occur and wether they are interfering with your life and how you function. There are medications you can take on a regular basis and some to take on an as needed basis. You should also consider counseling to get to the root of what is causing the panic attacks snd how to deal eith them.

My heart rate at rest or sitting never goes below 106 & is 90% of the time between 112-120. Thus causing or triggering panic attacks & anxiety attacks?

Anxiety. Yes, a fast heart rate can cause sensations of anxiety and possibly trigger a panic attack. If your heart rate is always over 100, I'd recommend being seen by your doctor as soon as possible to work up possible underlying causes. Hope this helps.

Can anxiety cause problems even if ur heart never races. Like can u have anxiety issue without rapid heart rate or panic attack?

Yes you can. Some anxiety manifests more in worrying, tension, insomnia, etc, rather than physical symptoms like fast heart rate. Physical symptoms like that and others (including fatigue and headache) are still very common. You don't have to have panic attacks for anxiety to bother you either. Help is available if you work with a psychologist who understands these things, or a psychiatrist too.

Do panic attacks caused by anxiety cause your heart rate to change for short periods of time?

Yes. Anxiety attacks, especially in young women, can lead to heart rates even in the low to mid hundreds. However, sudden starting or stopping, or heart rates over 150 bpm, may suggest an arrhythmia, such as an SVT. Other, rare conditions can cause similar symptoms too. If concerned, consider seeing a heart rhythm specialist.
Yes. You can experience palpitations during a panic attack. Further testing needed if the symptoms are severe or cause chest pain, dizziness or weakness.
Yes. Racing heart is a common symptom in panic attacks.
Absolutely! Tachycardia (a fast heart rate) is part and parcel of a panic attack. Also can have shortness of breath, dizziness, or feelings something terrible will happen. Please talk to your doc about ruling out medical causes, treating anxiety itself, or referring to therapist or psychiatrist. Stay clear of benzos (not effective/addicting), with few exceptions. If medication considered ssri's are best.

I have panic/anxiety disorder and am consistently obsessed with my heart rate I get angry if its not 69 or below. What can help me besides medication?

Forget Heart Rate. And control your anxiety/panic disorder. Discuss with your psychiatrist (or get one) and forget about taking your pulse. You are barking up the wrong tree! Panic attack is a serious disorder and if you do not control it, it will take over your life. Get help.
Relaxation. Cognitive behavioral therapy; yoga; meditation; mindfulness training (being in the here and now). Massage from partner can be inexpensive and relaxing. If obsessiveness persists seek professional help. Good luck, stay healthy.