I am 16 years old, my last period was in september, is their a risk in waiting a while to get checked up? I believe I have secondary amenorrhea

Evaluating risk.... I imagine that it's not easy to see a doctor - but it is probably best to do it sooner than later. Many reasons are not life-threatening, but a few involve fairly serious issues like thyroid and even glandular tumors. Treating whatever it is can be a good thing. If it's $, be frank and many Dr's will work out a pymt plan. You're worth taking care of!
Depends why. If you are sexually active, you should see an OB ASAP, if you are not active sexually and just not ready, the take as much time as you need. There are obvious reasons to see an OB before you start having sexual encounters, and all of them are to protect your health. If you need a referral please use our Concierge website to find a doctor for you.