How can I help my fibromyalgia?

Activity management. First arrange for regular aquatherapy. Next, optimum nutrition needs institution with view to weight loss if needed. Gentle yoga, massages, medicinal cannabis, and mindfulness therapies need managing. Over time the sufferer will spiral toward improved health and well being. .
Self discipline. Adequate rest and sleep, gentle regular exercise as tolerated, plenty of fluids, avoiding alcohol and taking your medicines as recommended. There are several medications approved for fm synd that are very helpful in improving the symptoms.
Be patient. Heat, good sleep, gentle aerobic exercise relaxation, try any of the several known prescription medications skip the narcotics and alcohol tand above all don't expect a quick cure, it takes time. Remember, fibromyalgia hurts but it won't hurt you.
Fibromyalgia. Pain management, preferably with as few pills as possible is of utmost importance. Here is the website of the American Academy of Pain Management:

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How can I get help treating my fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia. Please see a rheumatologist first- they will decide who else you should also see. Read more...
Consultants. ? how to "get help treating fibromyalgia (FM)". Cause unknown, cure elusive & several consultants needed: Rheumatologist for diagnosis & FDA-approved meds. Osteopath for soft tissue diagnosis. Alternative Physician for neutriceuticals. Yoga (gentle) instructor. Aquatherapy (P.T.) instructor. Cannabis consultant & meds for pain, mood, & sleeping. Mindfulness Therapy coach. Licensed masseuse. Read more...