Sharp pain in my left shoulder blade that comes and goes. Cause?

Muscle strain? The most likely source is muscle strain, but postural irregularities can also cause some periscapular pain. Problems with your neck can also referred pain to the scapular area. If home remedies do not resolve the pain, you should see an Ortho specialist for proper diagnosis.

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I have been experiencing a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade that comes and goes and gets worse when eating. What can it be?

Referred pain. The diaphragm, when irritated, sends signals that makes it seem your shoulder is hurting and/or hiccups. Try a low fat diet, increase your oral hydration, (juice tea and water). Okay to get in with your regular doc for evaluation. Labs to check your liver, US to check your upper abdominal organs, EGD, CXR. Go sooner if you have fever or vomiting. Be well. Read more...