I'm 21 years old and I slipped on ice and happened to fracture my ankle specifically my tibia, fibula and talus. It was described to me as cracks on both sides of my ankle. I was told that after 1 month I would be able to start walking in my cast. So a mo

See Orthopedist. The fracture you are describing is a serious fracture and usually requires surgical repair. Often a plate and screws are needed. 6 weeks no weight bearing at all then 6 weeks in a walking boot. Talk to an orthopedist about your fracture.
Difficult to answer. All fractures are not alike and all fractures do not behave the same way We can not answer your question as you had three different bones were fractured and the results may not be to your satisfaction I will suggest you discuss your case with treating Orthopedic Specialist about your case and if not satisfied get a second opinion.