I do not have asthma; but do have COPD - have been prescribed Dulera (formoterol and mometasone) (as well as the Spiriva). What is the alternative to Dulera (formoterol and mometasone) for COPD?

Talk to pulmonologis. It is necessary to know exactly what type of COPD you have since some cases of asthma are linked to COPD also. Some COPD cases may not need inhaled steroid which is present in Dulera (formoterol and mometasone) and instead may benefit more from a long-acting bronchodilator(LABA) +/- antimuscarinic agent. There are several other ICS /LABA combinations similar to Dulera (formoterol and mometasone).
Depends on what. You are looking to find out about. If you only looking for medications in the same class as Dulera, which is a combined long acting beta agonist and inhaled corticosteroid, the other combination inhaled medications are Advair, Symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) and Breo Ellipta. If you are looking for alternative medical regimens there are many and best suited reviewing this with your doctor.
There are a few. dulera (formoterol and mometasone) is a combination of a long acting bronchodilator and cortisone. If it is a matter of your insurance copay ask your pharmacist which "LABA/Steroid" combination does your insurance charge the least. I'm pretty sure they can check this for you. Otherwise if you are having trouble with the device itself, talk it over with your physician and he/she can change it to an easier device Good Luck.