I have a constant pain in my upper left side that radiates from my chest to my wrist. Sometimes my heart palpitations it takes my breath. Any idea?

Chest pain. Absent further information such as age, comorbid conditions etc the best suggestion is to assume the worst and seek medical evaluation ASAP.

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Why is the left side of my chest swollen and I get heart palpitations all throughout the day whether I'm sitting, standing or laying. I'm 17?

You should get Physi. A Physical examination by a doctor is the only way to verify that your left side of chest is swollen. if it is really swollen then further testing starting with chest X-rays will be required to check your heart and lungs including the chest wall structures. An enlarged heart due to any cause can cause symptoms like you have described. So lets make sure you do not have anything serious going on ins. Read more...

Is there a common description of heart palpitations? Could they be consistent with regular twitching in the upper left side of the chest?

Palp. I have many different descriptions...The only description i can give from personal experience is a hard pounding that feels slow (random occurrence) or a light fluttering that feels fast (often when i lay on left side).... I have never had an ekg, echo, or any other heart eval though. I am the doc here just describing personal experience. Too much caffeine. Read more...