What do high ALT levels in blood test indicate?

Liver or muscle. Alt is a liver enzyme that is also present in muscle tissue. High levels could mean some inflammation of either of those areas but you need other, more specific tests to analyze the alt level correctly.

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I take multaq for afib. I got a recent blood test and my ALT level is a little high could that be the cause?

Possible. Yes, Multaq can inflame the liver and cause elevated alt - follow your doctor's instructions. Depending on your total health history and the degree of elevation and other blood tests, it may be continued and the test repeated at a later date, or it may be stopped. Read more...

Hi there, if a patient has a high level of BUN, ALT, ALKP and GGT what condition may the patient have? (On a blood test)

Too Broad. Liver inflammation is caused by infection, obesity, genetics, drug interactions, alcohol use, and cancers. There are dozens of possibilities and further testing is mandatory with this simple screening result of abnormal liver functions. Read more...