Would washing hands with soap and pretty hot water along with hydrogen peroxide kill any sperm on hand?

Spermicides. dear Lois326 your regimen would kill just about everything in sight! Just use soap and water for a minute or 2 and you would be ok here. I am assuming you are more concerned about STD and HIV and the answer is that a wash with soap and water for about 2-3 mins will protect you from everything of that nature. Also, u cannot get preg from dry sperm on your hand inserted into the vagina.thx.
I wouldn't go so far. as to recommend this (hydrogen peroxide is not completely benign if used frequently on the hands), but here is a reference that suggests spermatoa are fairly susceptible to H2O2. I would expect soap and water to do the trick. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12384208.