Back pain that goes between shoulder blades to below shoulder blade that started in November 2014 after FNA with muscle spasms and neck stiffness. Now radiating to front. Had a MRI cspine. Mild disc bulge c7t1. Mild scolosis. Books work normal. 3 chest X

See details. Still asking the same question I see. Your symptoms are too nonspecific to obtain an answer from a doctor who has never examined you.
Soft tissue spasms. Female complaining of upper & mid-back pain lasting months after FNA breast biopsy likely has chronic soft tissue spasms from splinting & guarding related to a traumatic experience. MRI-reported "disk bulges" & "scoliosis" are both normal findings & likely red herrings. Physical & aqua therapies, massage, acupuncture, psychological counseling & Osteopathic evaluation recommended in this case.