Is there any medical treatment for hiv's?

HIV Medicines. There are lots of medications you can take to treat HIV and new ones are being discovered each year. The medications treat hiv, they don't cure it, but they are highly effective in keeping your immune system strong and letting you lead a normal life. While years ago people used to take lots of pills to treat hiv, there are many new options (even one pill once a day). See a HIV specialist!
Sure. There are plenty of drug regimens for the treatment of HIV disease; but alas no cure as of yet. However; new advances are made every day so my advise is to see your doctor and get started on an appropriate medicine as soon as possible!
HIV. Yes, there is pharmacological treatment for hiv. Usually a combination of protease inhibitors and other antiretrovirals, it is an aggressive treatment that has been clinically shown to lower viral load and help keep t-cell counts high. Talk to your physician if you believe you may have hiv.