During birth my babies heart beat went up, so my ob decided to get her out ASAP. Within 20mins I had delivered her but she stayed in the hospital care for the next 5 days with tachycardia. Resting rate around 200 and spiking around 240-250. We had a lot o

Question cut off. I'm sorry;however your question got cut off before it got to the actual question. Please ask again with less text or reach out to a physician through healthtap prime for a more thorough and individualized discussion.
Incomplete question. You get the best from this public HT site by providing background & a clear question.You did not ask a clear question. The story is worrisome & suggests baby has a rhythm disorder in her heart like Wolf Parkinson White syndrome, which can be treated. Since you did not ask a clear question, that is all I can say.You are welcome to start over but these questions are not linked/go out at random.