How long will it take to get pregnant once off birth control?

1-12 months. 85% of couples will achieve pregnancy after 1 year of trying. This is the natural fertility cycles. Just like it takes some people longer to get pregnant naturally, some women will get pregnant sooner than others after going off of the pill or ring, or taking out the iud. It will take longer if depo-provera was your birth control as the medication may be in the system for several months.
TTC after BCP. You should expect to get pregnant as quickly as anyone. Birth control does not affect your fertility. If you used bcp and you had irregular cycles before the bcp, then you will have irregular cycles after stopping the bcp. If you are not pregnant in 6-12 mo based on your age then see a fertility specialist. Best wishes.
Average 3 - 6 months. Women are often surprised when they don't get pregnant the first month they have sex at the fertile time, but even with trying, it can take 3-6 mo, even with no infertility issues. Nonetheless, you must be prepared that you might get pregnant the first month you go without contraception.