Dislocated 1st rib prescribed 2 weeks 10/325 Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) twice daily and 10mg Valium once daily! Are these safe to together? Will I need to wean off Valium?

Isolated first rib. injury , fracture or dislocation is rare and serious , need evaluation of brachial plexus , and vascular injuries Speak to your doctor.
Talk to your doctor . This is ok short term. Talk to your doctor about weaning valium. The dose needs to stay low and short term use only (less than 1-2 months). An escalation of dose or long term use would not be appropriate and place you at risk for addiction to these medications. Do not combine with any alcohol or other medication. Don't drive if drowsy. Always talk to your doctor before any med changes. Bst wishs.