Do you need eye vitamons?

Vitamins. The average american diet has plenty of vitamins. Water soluble vitamins are excreted once you go over a certain level. Vitamins are helpful in those with macula degeneration of greater than grade 2, but are not preventative.
No. If you have macular degeneration than certain "eye" vitamins have been shown to be beneficial. Otherwise i usually recommed a balanced diet and a good multi vitiamin.
Depends. Certain eye conditions as we age will benefit from eye vitamin treatment. Consult with your doctor or ophthalmologist about how you can keep a healthy set of eyes!
AREDS. The age related eye disease study or areds established the value of vitamin c, vitamin e, beta carotene, and zince in a lowering of the risk of dry becoming wet amd (age related macular degeneration). Other vitamins are being tested in areds2. So far, the antioxidants were helpful only to some patients. (those that had more advanced amd). I would see an eye doc to find out.