What are signs of hyperparathyroidism?

Related to HIGH CALC. The signs and symptoms of Hyperparathyroidism are related to high level of calcium in blood.And are 1 Excessive thirst and frequent urination 2Nausea/vomiting/constipation 3Bone pain 4Kidney stones 5osteoporosis 6Cofusion,fatigue and lethargy and memory loss 7 INSOMNIA 8 loss of appetite Confirmed by doing a blood test for calcium level and high calcium and Prathormonr level.
"Classical" symptoms. would include bone pain, osteoporotic fracture, kidney stones, and stomach or GI issues. However, many people have a broad range of symptoms and they may be surprisingly unrelated to the degree of high calcium or parathyroid hormone levels. If untreated, ultimately vascular disease, heart rhythm disturbances and stroke and kidney failure can all result. If you meant "Signs", these are few.