What is the difference between ceramic braces and invisible braces?

Invisalign ? Brackets, whether metal or ceramic, are bonded to your teeth and use wires, elastics, and springs to move your teeth. Invisalign uses a series of trays to move your teeth.The trays are removable and made of a clear plastic. Ask your orthodontist what would work best for you.
Quite a lot. Braces are still the gold standard. In the hands of a qualified Orthodontic Specialist treatment results can be quite remarkable. Less so when Rx done by non-Orthodontists. Metal or clear, results & treatment time about the same. Clear aligners can produce very good results, bud measurably less effective than braces, more expensive, & takes longer. See an Orthodontist for (usually) free exam.
Approximately $700. The average cost of ceramic braces is approximately $3,800. The average cost of invisalign treatment is approximately $4,500.