Can you use aspartame and sugar when drinking alcohol?

Yes. there are no interactions. In general, you are better off using smaller amounts of sugar than using aspartame or sucralose, which actually metabolically may be just as bad as sugar in higher doses. Plant-derived sweeteners like Truvia (Stevia) may be safer, but many low-calorie and low-fat foods have additives that may not be good for us either. Keep alcohol to 1-2 standard drinks/day.

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Will drinking alcohol while taking metformin medifcation lower my blood sugar?

Small amount/large. Drinking small amount of alcohol may be alright, but if you drink too much it can lead to a serious condition called lactic acidosis, which can be life threatning, discuss with your doctor how much you can drink it will not lower your blood sugar, and may raise it as alcohol is carbs. Read more...