Are there probiotics or prebiotics in baby formula?

No... If by probiotics you mean active bacterial cultures added to help aid digestion, then no, baby formula does not specifically contain these cultures. A newborn baby's gut becomes populated with "healthy" bacteria from its immediate environment: the birth canal, breast milk, parents' skin, its own hands & mouth, etc; and these bacteria are adjusted as the baby's diet & environment change over time.

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Are there probiotics or prebiotics in infant formula?

Both or either. Look at the label. Example: Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG®* ("friendly" lactobacterias or LGG -probiotic). Prebiotic-carbohydrates, olygosaccharides, the food needed for the normal gut flora to grow (Example: Prebiotics in Enfagrow®). Read more...

Are there prebiotics or probiotics in baby formula?

Infant formula. Infant formula does not contain prebiotics or probiotics. There isn't any need to put either into formula. Infants generally have normal gastrointestinal flora. Read more...