I taste sweetness in my mouth and lately I've been having short breath, weird pain in my chest as well as my neck and fast or slow heart beats! ?

Nondiagnostic. Your symptoms are nondiagnostic without more information. They could reflect a cardiac problem, but anxiety can also be a cause. I recommend that you have an evaluation by your physician who will take a thorough history and perform a physical examination in order to make a diagnosis. Appropriate tests will be ordered and will probably include a chest x-Ray, EKG, and even an outpatient monitoring.

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I've been having chest pain. My heart beats really fast before I sleep. I usually feel needles in my head. And tingling in my face.

Anxiety attack. Hi, you possibly have an anxiety attack, try to relax, do some meditation prior to go to bed, listen to a calming music, during the attack try to focus on ur breathing, also plz see a provider for further evaluation. Read more...