Can chronic traumatic encephalopathy cause tachycardia nearing 200 bpm?

Never say. never. But this would be very unusual. Echo and ECG and blood testing can be useful to evaluate. After that, EP consultation may quite helpful.
Yes. if this is producing focal seizures with autonomic symptoms. (Also bradycardia can occur)

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What are symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy?

Post consustion syn. The symptoms include impaired memory, confusion, poor judgment, aggression, impulse control issues, depression, anxiety, suicidal feeling, and parkinsonism. Symptoms often begin many years after the last brain trauma. The end stage is progressive dementia. Read more...

Help! I've been having chronic traumatic encephalopathy (cte). Is there anything that could help?

Comments. Post traumatic brain injury may gradually heal over 18-24 months, but may leave persistent cognitive deficits. Would start with Neuropsychological Testing, and use medications, speech therapy, or cognitive-behavioral approaches to enhance coping and rehab. Read more...