High heart rate when I wake up from sleep around 90 bpm, feeling anxious and nervous, normalises during rest of the day, previous ecg and echo normal.

Medical vs. psych.? After ruling out physical illness, consider psychiatric illnesses that interrupt sleep. Night terrors, unlike nightmares, leave no memory trace. PTSD and other anxiety based illnesses can also impact sleep. Also, consider medications and substances.

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Slow resting heart rate 54-62.when move increase to 60s-70s.not athletic. Obese. Cardiac echo, cardiac CT angio, ecgs normal. Normal or moreinvestigation?

It's OK. Hi. From the studies done and found to be normal, I'd have to conclude it's fine and not a problem. However, to optimize future health and quality of life, I's recommend healthy diet and taking up some form(s) of physical activity that you enjoy and can stay with on a regular basis for life. To your health! Read more...