Info abou the hCG diet, and after yoy reach your goal weight do u continue the drops and do you continue eating just 500 calories?

HCG weight loss. No one can survive really on a 500 calorie diet (at least not happily or for long ). While on the HCG diet although you consume 500 calories per day, your body is able to derive the rest of it's caloric needs from its extensive fat reserves. Your body burns calories to breathe, for your heart to pump even for the act of eating itself. I would not advise any kind dieting if you have a normal bmi.
HCGdiet looks unsafe. The HCG diet has a person eating 500 calories a day for more than a month. That's just one big slice of pizza a day. A 4-month old baby eats 500 calories a day. Anybody on 500 calories a day is on a starvation diet and will lose weight. It doesn't sound safe. Extremely low calorie diets don't work because the weight comes back when one starts eating again. Long-term lifestyle changes are needed.