My hemoglobin is at 2 and I dont want a blood transfusion so my pcp recommended iron infusion. Will it help?

Blood transfusion. Blood transfusion is recommended for Hemoglobin less than 6g/dl except in exceptional circumstances. in your case Hemoglobin is 2 and this is an indication of blood transfusion.
Hard to believe. Hard to believe your hemoglobin is at 2. That is way too low. Maybe your red cells are at 2. If you are iron deficient, then iron is appropriate. Need more information. .
No. You have severe anemia which is life-threatening. Until the cause of the anemia is addressed your only life saver is blood transfusion.

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Is 8 weeks of iron infusions enough? Ater this time hemoglobin decreased to 7.6. As a result, I had a blood transfusion.

Something's wrong. If iron infusions over eight weeks didn't fix your anemia, it's either not due to iron deficiency or you still have serious blood loss. I also see that somebody is giving you vitamin B12 for whatever reason. Please forgive my frankness. If there is not a misunderstanding, please get with a hematologist. Read more...