Feels like a fever but no temperature?

PRODROME. At the BEGINING of an infection your body may sense an internal change in temperature, muscle aches and joint aches. Prior to spiking a fever. This PRODROME is usually as the body is trying to fight off the infection by producing interferon and Interluken.

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Burning sensation in eyes, feels like fever, but my body temperature is 97.6F. Headache from past 4-5 days. Especially in evening.?

Migraines. Hi Ruvi, very suspicious for migraine headache. You should see your doctor for evaluation. At times migraines do not go away on their own and need some pharmacologic help. Your doctor can help. In the meantime, dark rooms and sunglasses can help with eye symptoms. Aspirin may be helpful for the pain as well. Go see your doc. Hope that helps. Read more...