I had strep, got steroid and antibiotics for ear infection and strep. Its been three weeks and still congested and coughing up green mucous. Normal?

URI. Upper respiratory infections may be caused by bacteria or viruses, or very rarely by fungus. In your case, I assume a test was done to confirm that you had a strep infection which was treated by antibiotics. You may have also had a viral infection, which will not respond to antibiotics, or you may have a new bacterial infection at this point. Please schedule a follow up visit with your doctor.
No this not normal. The congestion and symptoms would suggest still have sinus issues wither this is bacterial vs allergic vs viral would need to be further evaluated by a physician. .

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5 yr old diag with sinus/left ear infection. 100.5 temp. No cough, very congested. Dr said no flu like symptoms or strep symptoms, so no test. Worry?

Depends. How long have they been sick? If it has been a day or two then they may get better on their own. If 5-7 days, then they may need treatment. Especially if they think there is sinusitis, the complications can occur quickly. Either way i would use nasal saline a couple times a day to help thin secretions. Read more...