I'm having heart surgery March 31 to slow my heart rate down and I may need a peace maker is that safe to have at my age 33 years old?

See below. Pacemaker insertion is generally a safe procedure. Complications from having the device do occur, but not frequently. Your age would not be a consideration. The pacemaker is designed to reduce risk. The risk of having a pacemaker is usually far less than the risk of not putting it in. For more information go to UpToDate.com > click on caregivers and patients section.> in search box type: pacemaker.
Heart rate. Pacemaker is not a big deal in general. You should discuss the details of your problem with your cardiologist and be sure you understand what is going on with you and what the issues are. You should also discuss the therapy and what it is expected to accomplish for you. Be sure you understand your problems and the approach to treating it.

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