Stress overload!!! Puking up Shaking Overheating Nausea Headache Lathargic Angered easily Heart pounding Any advice on how or cope better and stop?

See below. A breathing meditation called the 4-7-8 technique is excellent for immediate relaxation, and easy to do. To see a video demonstrating it SEE: For good advice on stress SEE: For a very good APP for stress reduction get the Stress and Anxiety Companion SEE: http:/// If needed get professional help dealing with you problem.
Stress. seems like you have anxiety disorder and little things seem to stress you out. try breathing exercises, or yoga count to ten before you answer any questions, reducing your stress levels will help you lot. Talk to a Psychologist who can help you de stress.
Look for the source. Have you been ill? Is there an event that is causing you excessive stress or have you always been highly anxious? Have you eaten anything unusual lately or engaged in an activity that is out of your normal routine? All three need to be examined to track down the source of the distress so a physician or psychologist can make a treatment plan. There are relaxation exercises that can help also.

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Headache/nausea. Later heart pounding, then threw up. Chest pain/tightness all the next day. Soreness from vomiting? Or concern? (26 y/o)

Vomiting chest tight. The chest tightness could be from reflux from the vomiting wiht or without reactive airways due to acid reflux into lungs . Could try some over the counter Zantac or Prevecid or Mylanta. If blood in vomitus go to ER. Since it is in chest f/u/ w/ doc. Read more...