Had PETscan showing no more thyroid cancer. Dr says not accurate since my TSH was only. 02 and shouldve been 30 for test. Did I waste my time and $?

No cancer. Best way to know whether lesion of thyroid had recurred is head and neck exam. If nothing palpable in neck and PET scan neg which confirms no lesion being missed in neck or chest then there is no recurrence. A high TSH suggests all normal functioning thyroid removed and body via Pituitary trying to regrow any rmaining thyroid tissue. The TSH is not an indicator of malignancy.

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I had thyroid removed ~10 yrs ago. (thyroid cancer)on armour thyroid med. Recent test results were:T3-288; T4 free-1.1;TSH-.02;doc says lower med ok?

Thyroid meds. I cannot give good answer as I do not know you like your Drs there do. But sounds like you are on too much but you did not send normal values for that lab. Best to do 2nd opinion with me. And have normal values when we chat. Read more...