My 5 year old daughter refuses to eat anything except pasta. Are there any vitamins or drinks that I can give her till the phase pases?

It won't help enough. With picky eaters, it's important to ensure a balanced diet. First, go thru fridge and cabinets & get rid of all junk food. If all that's given to her is healthy, she'll eventually eat some. Your child may need to try one particular food 18 times on 18 different days before accepting it, so don't give up! sometimes, giving the food in different forms, or mixed with other foods, helps.
Muscadine and water. Muscadine juice by heartland select or re-phlenish by vollara. 2ounces daily is more than sufficient to provide all vitamins, fibers and antioxidant. This keeps her active and much alert plus it makes go regular, water is second best to follow. By the way drnk will increase her immune system, .
Vitamins. Please pass this by her doctor. Any recommendations should be based on her pediatricians advice. My 3 year old won't touch anything but chicken, pizza and apples sometimes. We give him a flinstones multi vitamin daily. Without iron. Healthy as an ox. Other issue is lack of fiber in her diet may lead to constipation and weight gain/ obesity.