I have left chest pains in the heart region, it hurts when laughing or heavy breathing. My heartrate is 70bpm, I don't have any history of chest pains?

Unlikely cardiac. it is very unlikely to be cardiac at your age. It is more likely to be a strain, inflammation, or reflux. As long as you don't have a congenital heart problem, family history of weird heart stuff, or some other practice that would out your heart at risk, it's probably benign. If it is concerned, get checked, but don't stress yourself about your heart.

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I am experiencing chest pain or discomfort severity: moderate. Heart rate 145 per minute bp- 131/80 trouble breathing?

Time to see a doctor. Chest pressure, chest pain, or trouble breathing are signs that she should talk with her doctor right away or go to the E.R. In adults, chest pain can be a heart attack. She should not drive herself (safer by ambulance). If it turns out not to be myocarditis, heart attack symptoms, or anxiety attack symptoms, the E.R. will also have checked for problems such as a collapsed lung or a pneumonia. Read more...