Nondisplaced distal fibula fracture. Been in cast for 2 weeks. New cast tomorrow. Can I take this cast off for tonight to wash?

Don't remove . It is best to not remove the cast put on by the doctor. They can wipe you leg down when they change out you cast. If you truly have a non displaced fibular fracture, you may be eligible for a fracture boot. These can be removed for showers or bathing. Check with your treating provider. .

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Minimally Distal fibula fracture tybe b ORIF. 5 weeks post op Monday. Back to clinic get cast off. Will it be healed? Feels good no pain no swelling

Good ,progressing. as expected with out complications , only your doctor can tell and decide . Each surgeon has own preferences , approximate healing time for your type of injury 8 to 12 wks . Read more...