Was prescribed 25mg atenolol daily, I know it lowers heart rate. Is it ok to workout (for ex running 30min to 1h, with heart rate around 140-150)?

See below . What are you taking Atenolol for? Being on Atenolol is not a contraindication for working out. And during exercise, your heart does go up which is a natural response. Please consult your physician who prescribed the medication. .

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Resting heart rate has been anywhere between 100-135. Doctor prescribed atenolol 25mg. About how many point will that lower it?

Heart rate. Everyone responds to beta blockade as fits their personal physiology. Some people might get a lot of slowing and others less or none. You will know pretty much the maximum slowing by 4-5 days on the 25mg a day of atenolol. If it isn't enough, the 25mg is a low dose. Read more...