I'm scheduled for a test in heart cardiology. For systolic murmur. I heard the test will take about one hour. What do I do there? Little bit nervous

See below. I believe they have scheduled for a 2D echocardiogram which is a fairly benign test. They will look at your heart with an ultrasound probe to determine the cause of your murmur. It is not painful and your would be just laying in a dark room on a table while they take some images of your heart. .
Heart test. there are many heart tests.Chances are you are having an echocardiogram which is a sound wave picture of the heart. It has no pain and is not 'scary' at all. There are other tests possible but you don't say what the test is..

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High blood pressure 150/90 and systolic murmur in arote area. Any relations? 35yrs. Was referred to heart cardiology. Any cause? What tests do I take?

Murmur. Murmur is caused by turbulent blood flow. High blood pressure can be associated with turbulent blood flow. Many other things also are associated. Discuss your situation with the cardiologist that you see. A history and exam are the first steps. The cardiologist can explain any additional testing that may be indicated for you. We have lots of possible tests depending on the infomation needed. Read more...

I was told I have soft systolic murmur in aorta area and referred to heart cardiology. What's gonna happen next? Very nervous. BP 150/90, 35yrs

Don't be nervous. soft systolic murmur is a very vague description given to you by your doctor. It could be something absolutely benign. If you're having symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or other cardiac symptoms AND you have a murmur, then perhaps there's more reason for concern. I'm sure your cardiologist will give you a good explanation and hopefully nothing serious. Be well! Read more...