Had a stomach virus earlier today and not puking anymore-can drink liquids but my fever is 102.2. I feel so hot and half delirious. ER trip?

You're dehydrated. A nasty virus like what you have can dehydrate you pretty quickly -so it's important to take in fluids and 'chicken soup' until you feel better. The presence of fever means your body is still fighting. Doctors can help with IV fluids/electrolytes--a fast way to restore fluid and salt losses. The advantage to an ER/urgent care trip is they can tell exactly what needs correcting (i.e. potassium).
If you are. Feeling delirious, feverish and can't take in oral sustenance then you would be best suited by being evaluated urgently, likely in an ER setting, as you may require short term monitoring and IV fluids. Best of luck.