After period I've been having very sore tender breast and a lot of white milky discharge next period Is due in seven days?

Variety of symptoms. Breast tenderness around your menstrual cycle is not that uncommon. In teens it is usually caused by a condition called fibrocystic breast syndrome. Are your cycles regular? Are you on any contraception? White discharge can be normal. However, if it has a strange odor or you have excessive irritation, it could be a condition called bacterial vaginosis. Any abnormal vaginal discharge needs eval.

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Mirena (levonorgestrel) in since March 2014 Periods regular until now. 3 days late, white milky discharge and only symptom is very full, sore breasts with neg. Test.

Endometrial atrophy. It could be that you've achieved enough atrophy of the uterine lining that your normal cycle has stopped, but I would also suggest having a string check to make sure the IUD is in place and getting a serum pregnancy test along with a TSH as low thyroid could be an issue too. Read more...