My lower stomach is hard and I don't know why, I'm not pregnant, I'm not sexually active, but I also have irregular periods, I havnt had it since Nov.

See gynecologist. The irregularity of your periods should be evaluated as you may have some hormonal imbalances that need to be confirmed. In addition, the firmness of your lower abdomen should also be examined to make sure that there is not an anatomic irregularity of your gynecologic organs or surrounding structures that is causing this, or infection that is developing in the pelvic area. See gynecologist.
Several things. It is not uncommon for teens to have irregular cycles. Because you're not sexually active, we can rule out pregnancy. The most common cause of lack of cycle is called polycystic ovary syndrome. That requires a clinical diagnosis that your doctor can make. With no cycle in 3 months, you need medication to help you have one. Uou also need a pelvic sonogram to make sure all is ok. .

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2 missed periods 4 negative pregnancy tests some minor cramps. Irregular periods 18 and only with protection sexually active. Pcos, amenorrhea? Worse?

Sounds like. It is PCOS . If you do not have this diagnosis yet you should see an endocrinologist versed in the syndrome as it not only affects yourperiofs but can have effects on other organs of your body too and you deserve treatment. Read more...

I have irregular periods I can go months or even a year without a period, but I am very sexually active. Can pre cum get me pregnet? If so what are some symtoms I should look at

How old are you. Young ovulating ( menstruating ) female not having periods for ' a year ' is not normal , missing period is the first sign for pregnancy , first test your self for pregnancy , if you are not , then see your doctor for , why you are not getting periods. Read more...