23 YO Male, dizziness, headache, nausea, left eye movement and blurred vision. Is this vertigo or something more serious?

Get it checked. It may be or may not be something more serious than vertig But with your symptoms it needs to be checked by your doctor asap as it may be something serious and may need treatment asap It is very hard to tell you what it may be without taking detailed history and doing a thorough physical exam including neurological exam.And may need some imaging if indicated to make a proper diagnosis.

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I have pain in the lower left side of the back of my head and my eyes feel dry but no blurred vision dizziness or nausea. Is this serious? 19, female

Wills Eye Hospital. Suggest you consult the weh in philadelphia. You may want to try artificial tears (genteal) and warm compresses to see if the symptoms change. You need a complete ophthalmologic exam for sure. Read more...

Been having frequent episodes of vertigo/dizziness for months with blurred vision, tingling in my lips. Nausea/headache follow at times. Possible cause?

Difficult to say. Vertigo is a sensation of spinning or motion of the person or the environment, while dizziness is not a sense of motion but lightheadedness or feeling floaty or off kilter. There can be neurologic issues, inner ear problems , visual problems, psychologic issues, cardiovascular problems, and many other issues. You need a thorough medical evaluation. Read more...