I can't curve my appetite. I'm a food addict. I eat just to eat. I don't have a shut off switch in my brain. I can't take it anymore. What can I do! ?

Food Addiction. You may want to consider an addiction program that specializes in food addiction, while you are working with the bariatric specialist. You may not need surgery if you can find the emotional and or physical causes for the addiction, and get these treated. If you behavior is addictive this may be the answer you are looking for.
Food addict . Have you ever heard of overeaters annonymous? Try that, it's a support group. There may be a medication that could help. You should get checked for diabetes and a thyroid condition by your physician.
Www.asbp.org. Go to the asbp website and find a board certified bariatric specialist in your area. This physician is a specialist in addressing your issues and can formulate treatment directly addressing your issues.
There are meds. That help. Naltrexone, topiramate, phentermine, wellbutrin (bupropion). Evenothers and more have just ben approved, yet, meds may only be a part of the solution. Counseling and/or 12step programs may be helpful to help find ways to adress stress and triggers and find other ways to cope.