If I want a proper dx process for suspected ADD dx, should I go to psychologist, psychiatrist or neuropsych? What are pros/cons of each specialty?

Neuropsychologist. Neuropsychologists, in my opinion are best equipped to make an ADD diagnosis because of all the testing that takes place. However, they cannot provide meds or therapy. Psychiatrists can provide meds, but do not usually provide therapy and do not do comprehensive testing as do neuropsychologists. Psychologists can provide good therapy, but cannot usually do in-depth testing or provide meds.
Reasons 4 distract'n. Many things in life r distracting. Not all of them r adhd. Anxiety, depression, family problems, trying to do more than is humanly possible, all can cause loss of focus. We are told we shd be able to "multitask, " but we can't. The term comes from computers, ; they can't without more than 1 processor. We only get 1 processor. Get an evaluation w/ a therapist who is not already convinced it's adhd.