I had some chest pain today. I checked my Bp several times and it was high but low pulse. Bp146/96 pulse 53?

M.D. visit. I would suggest being seen so that an EKG can be performed. Many urgent care centers are open at night and on weekends. Monitor your BP again and record the readings for your PCP. Avoid high fat/salty foods and maintain a healthy wt.
Eat better, less med. You might want to quit diphenhydramine if you're taking it for sleep, as it reduces the REM cycle and give you poor levels of restfulness.Getting an EKG might be a good idea also, your blood pressure should not be that high esp. on metoprolol.Most importantly, stop processed foods, eliminate salt from your diet (every cell in every plant you eat has some sodium in it) add a lot of salads & veggies.