I have clear discharge like coming out that smells weird, had unprotected sex.

Possible infection. Any time a person has unprotected sex there is the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming pregnant. That is why it's called "unprotected." Please see you doctor to make sure you do not have a potentially serious infection and if you miss a period, check to be sure you are not pregnant.
Various reasons. Vaginal discharge requires an examination to determine the cause and treatment. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause and often has a vaginal odor. Vaginal itching can be a sign of a yeast infection. Sometimes vaginal discharge can be a sign of a sexual transmitted infection. Testing is important to determine the treatment and keep you and your partner safe. Start birth control!

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Hi! So I had unprotected sex a week ago. About three or four days after I noticed four cuts around my vagina, one of which is deep and long as if I was cut with a knife. I dont itch and there is no foul smell but I have watery clear discharge but today I

Doctor can check... One's primary care doctor can check out a new or unusual vaginal discharge that started after sex. The doctor can check for a urine infection, if there are any urinary symptoms. Sometimes vaginal discharges are related to overgrowth of non-dangerous bacteria, but other times they are related to sexually-transmitted infectious microbes that need treatment. Read more...

I had unprotected sex feb 9, 11.12th and had a 3 day cycle starting the 14th. Now I'm experiencing reddish brown clear discharge now for four days?

Keep a eye on it. Do a pregnancy test if negative keep track of the spotting. If it continues past the next period then see your obgyn. It could be the sign of a cervical infection, a cervical polyp or hormonal imbalance. If it disappears then its less likely it's something to worry about. Read more...

I had unprotected sex a month ago and a couple days after I noticed a small red bump that itched on my right labia. I didn't have any other unual symptoms except for clear discharge. The red bump went away for a few days and then I noticed 2 or 3 little w

Need for evaluation. It is not feasible to know what you may have acquired from the encounter without examination and likely some blood tests. I would urge you to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment, before there is more damage. Read more...