I have a recurring sinus infection in last 2 weeks; pain behind eyes, headache, lateral neck stiffness, mild fever, facial pain. On Z-Pack & concerned?

Sinusitis . I would definitely use a different antibiotic now especially if the Zithromax isn't working. Hope this helps.
See ENT. Ultimately, if it is not effectively cured with antibiotics, you may need to see an ENT physician. In some cases, a large amount of fluid collecting in the sinuses can act like an abscess and not be fully treated with antibiotics alone. Drainage is sometimes necessary. If it does not respond to further antibiotics, don't hesitate to be seen.

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3 wks ago I had sinus infection so I took a Z pack. It mostly cleared up but now I'm having severe headaches and facial pain, has it possibly spread?

Sinusitis. Greetings. It's possible that your sinusitis was not fully treated because the antibiotic -Z-Pak is not the for sinus coverage. There are other antibiotics available even for Patients with antibiotic allergies. I would recommend ibuprofen up to 800 mg 3x/day with food if you are able. Afrin (oxymetazoline) as directed and rinse with saline wash. See your Doctor for a possible recheck and antibiotic change. Read more...
Recurrence. Sounds like recurrence of sinusitis. See MD who initially treated you. May need more antibiotics. Read more...