Can using Cosopt drops for glaucoma accelerate the progression of Fuchs Dystrophy disease.

Possibly. "It appears that the drug can safely be used in eyes with normal corneas, where it had no significant effects on either corneal thickness or endothelial cell count after 1 year of therapy.However, application of dorzolamide can increase corneal thickness in patients with cornea guttata where the functional reserve of the endothelium is lower. What's more, the drug can cause irreversible damage".

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Just diagnosed with Fuchs dystrophy. Also have open angle glaucoma & Macular pucker. Are the diseases related to each other or rare to have all 3?

Not rare. The diseases are not usually related to each other but they are common. Its unfortunate that you have to deal with all three. However, these diseases can be managed well, medically and surgically, and still allow you to have good vision. Open angle glaucoma is generally bilateral, so continue with the evaluations to make sure you start treatment in the left eye when the signs become positive. . Read more...