Ihav a loud sound of my bowel even when iam not hungry or after meals and sometimes at night could it be irritable bowel syndrome? And how to reduce?

No worries. There is no relationship between growling noises of the stomach and IBS. These noises occur as a normal consequence of the digestive and peristaltic processes of how your stomach and intestines are processing your food, absorbing it, and moving it down the pipeline. If you can develop something to GUARANTEE these noises never happen then, you will become very RICH and famous.
Watch your diet. watch your diet first,the sound are the result of the bowels working harder than they should. could be irritable bowel syndrome . the best way to ease it up first watch what you eat less spices and grease eat multiple small meals 5-6 than 2-3 major meals exercise by walking avoid red meat and eat more white meat. bilsalamah.