I'm suffering from secondary infertility have a fsh of 2.4 and shbg of 75are these in range?

Time of tests/cycle. The time your FSH and SHBG were taken in your menstrual cycle determines whether they are normal for conception or not. I don't have that information and therefore can't render an opinion.

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Can low progesterone 0.2 (day 20), normal LH FSH e3 cause secondary infertility? My cycle range from 32-38 days. Prolactin was 33 on bromocreptine now 6

Luteal phase? If is very important to check your Progesterone level in the middle of your luteal phase. If you were having a 38 day cycle. You were probably ovulating on day 24, and you would have wanted your Progesterone level checked on day 31 or so. So that level on day 20 may be useless. Having said that, a low Progesterone level in the mid-luteal phase is usually a sign that you did not really ovulate. Read more...