How to control my diabetes?

Exercise, eat well. Exercising daily about 30 mins or more, eating a healthy low calorie diet, and seeing your doctor frequently for follow up are keys to controlling diabetes.

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How can I control my diabetes?

In < 400 words. Eat right, lose weight. Exercise regularly. Take your meds as prescribed. Measure fasting blood glucose. Get eyes, feet and labs checked regularly. Keep a good doc who believes in the basics of metformin, Glipizide and insulin. Address other cardiac risk factors including cholesterol and blood pressure. Stop smoking. Read more...

I have a diabetes, and I just can't leave taking alcohol atleast twice a week. How can I control my diabetes?

Self control. Hi! if you have diabetes, drinking alcohol or soda is just adding extra sugar into your system. It will complicate the ability to control your diabetes. If you are drinking twice a week, i would encourage you to reduce it to once a week then discontinue completely. If you drink with friends or family, ask them to support your effort to stop drinking to save your body from diabetic complication. Read more...