Can you still have lupus if you have a negative ANA and normal sed rate?

Yes. However, the diagnosis becomes much less likely unless several other diagnostic criteria for lupus are present. .
It's possible. being under treatment with immunosuppressives will hopefully normalize inflammatory markers. Small proportion of lupus is Ana negative.

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My temp after I get to work is 99.1-99.4. Evening and over night normal. I am ANA +1:640 spec pattern. High sed rate. Cbc ok. Metabolic ok. Serum protein ok. Lupus panel neg. Up back pain 1yr. Mri ok?

Yes. Mri is fine but be prepared for normal results. An elevated sed rate and ANA may indicate an inflammatory process in the body. A thorough work up would include hormone evaluation, sleep patterns, infection/immune system testing as well as nutrition review. These presentations can be frustrating so find a doctor that will take the time to listen and evaluate. Read more...

Mid upper back pain for months right flank sore. Lupus panel neg. Ana positive 1;640 w/spec pat. Sed rate elevated. Serum protein normal. Any ideas?

Too many tests? Your ANA is strongly positive, but despite that, it is a non-specific finding, and so is the elevated esr. These findings may not have anything to do with your complaints of back and flank pain. The provider(s) that ordered these tests will have to try and come up with a clinically plausible explanation. Read more...