Hello. I just got some teeth pulled. For the numbing, they used Novocaine. They injected it into 3 spots. How long does it take for it all to wear off?

2-6 hours. It can take 2-6 hours for local anaesthetic to wear off and for full feeling to return. Just relax, take your mind off it, if concerned call your surgeon office.
Short time. Usually one to two hours, depending on the actual type of anesthesia.
Depends. Different local anesthetic agents last for different lengths of time. Dentist may use a longer acting one if he expects there to be pain when it wears off. In general, the anesthesia on the upper jaw will last 1-3 hours; lower jaw from 2 1/2 to 8 hours. BTW, Novocain (procaine) has not been widely used for 50 years, lidocaine and articaine are most widely used in the US today.