I have thick yellow clumpy discharge. No smell though, had a yeast infection few weeks ago before my period. But now it's back. No fever?

Recurrent candida. Repetitive episodes of yeast infections are common. It may emanate from the yeast being present on your sexual partner's penis and treating him might help. Also, if you are receiving antibiotics or steroids, have uncontrolled diabetes or immune suppression, these may precipitate this. Re-treat yourself through one menstrual cycle, applying antifungal cream to your partner as well.
Not cured yet. You probably have a recurrence of the yeast infection or it was not completely taken care of the last time. If you are sexually active your male partner may have a yeast infection also and should be checked by his physician. Yeast infection can be sexually transmitted.

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I had yeast infection and ureaplasma, finished all meds and tests came back all negative. Now having light yellow discharge, is it normal?

Vaginitis. Vaginitis could be caused due to changes in normal bacteria (bacterial vaginosis), yeast infections, or trichomoniasis. Only the later is sexually transmitted. Clinical findings may suggest a particular diagnosis. A pelvic exam and some testing would be needed for further evaluation. Empiric therapy should be avoided because of frequent misdiagnosis and inappropriate therapy. Read more...